International Early Years Program At Best Preschool Jakarta Barat Global Sevilla

The early year’s education is a thing that parents start to understand in the modern world. Thankfully Global Sevilla understands the needs and provides the best preschool Jakarta Barat for parents. Parents need to consider the school since it has five different age groups and unique learning. Each has its particular study, which makes every class worthwhile and effective.

Global Sevilla Preschool

Generally, you can say that Global Sevilla is not only provided fundamental learning for their young learners. The school’s international standards implement IEYC or international Early years curriculum as its structure. It improves the learning activities to more complex and complete learning, pinpointing the six areas of children learning and development.

Not only that, but the school also tries to encourage the learner to adopt a positive attitude toward education. Global Sevilla developed fun, attractive, and engaging learning, which captures students’ interest in developing their numeracy, literacy, and communication skills. Along with its location in Puri Indah Jakarta Barat, the school can provide quiet and calming learning.

Three Preschool Levels

  1. Toddler Class

Under the preschool level of education, the Toddler class is the youngest and the fundamental age group. The Preschool Jakarta Barat opens its toddler class for children from 1.5 to 2 years old. This is the class where students get the grounding in learning about colors, shapes, and counting with the more entertaining learning activities such as games and play.

  1. Pre-Nursery Class

At the age of 2 to 3 years old, the pre-nursery level is the place for students to learn more with higher complexity in their learning. Students start to play and learn around with varying activities to develop their six areas of learning. They are bound to approach education with fun activities, arts, crafting, fine motor work, singing along, and rhymes. 

  1. Preschool And Nursery Class

Getting older at the age of three to four years old, students are expected to have to develop their self-awareness and confidence. With that in mind, Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Barat develops more complex activities. Students are also more active to work with songs, games, rhymes, and presentations to grow their listening and speaking skills.  

Global Sevilla put their support and mission for being an international school on all of its academic levels. Preschool and kindergarten are also included in its international education standard. That is why the school has a range of age groups, an international curriculum, and a unique learning approach. That is why make sure to check out Global Sevilla for its attractive education.