Great Holiday with Affordable Budget in Andaz Singapore

Andaz Singapore is a hotel that has tall buildings. The area is very strategic. There are many fascinating places nearby. In this hotel, the guest can choose their room. Minimalist room is the concept of the suites. You will see a comfortable bed with unique lamps inside the room. Here is some other information about the hotel.

A Bedroom That Face the Beach

One of the most astonishing ideas of this hotel is the design of the rooms that face the beach. If you like the beach very much, you can choose a room with a beach panorama from the window.

There is a working space that is also facing the outside view. Some rooms have a round table and sofa that you can use to drink tea with your friends. The position of the chairs and sofas are near the window. You can see many tall buildings. From the beautiful room, you can make you feel more motivated, especially when you are on a business trip.

Beautiful scenery is good for your mental health. Many people like to work near the window because they can feel better and they can get rid of the stress from their work. Many tasks of your work may make you uncomfortable. But you can choose to finish it one by one, in a better mood. So, all of the jobs will be done even if you need more time.

Large Swimming Pool

Andaz Singapore also has a swimming pool for adults and children. The swimming pool is very large. There are some pool benches and beach umbrellas near there. While swimming, you can see some tall and unique buildings. Indeed, Singapore has many unique buildings of workspace.

Romantic Sunset Dinner

In this hotel, you can get some change to have a romantic dinner. The chairs and tables are comfortable. There are some umbrellas too. You can see the bartenders in a found a table. That will be more interesting if you see the sunset by having an early dinner there.

Large Lobby

The lobby is very large and warm. If you enter the place, you will feel happy with a kind greeting from the crew. There are some huge pillars there, and the lamps are also beautiful. You can check-in and check out with kind services. Indeed, the crew of this resort is professional and reliable for the best hotel services.

Spacious Room with Closet

When you bring many clothes, you will need a closet to help you save that but you do not need to worry about that, because there are some rooms, that have a spacious closet. You can change your clothes easily. The space is enough for you to set up your look.

What are some pieces of information about Andaz Singapore that can make you want to go there? Make sure to reserve the best room for your next holiday. The price is very affordable, but you can get some discounts with Hotel Promotion Singapore that can you check online.