6 Ways to Treat Misss V After Giving Birth to Recover Immediately

As MarshaLova may already know, Miss V has elastic muscles that allow her to expand and return to her original size easily. However, the situation is different after giving birth because there are several conditions that cause changes in Miss V and can trigger discomfort. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to treat Miss V after giving birth properly.

Miss V’s care after giving birth is very necessary because it may be during the process of giving birth that the perineum in our body is injured so that the baby can come out more easily during childbirth. In addition, there are also some common problems found in mothers giving birth, such as Miss V who is painful, swollen, loose, numb, tingling, dry, to infection.

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How to Treat Miss V After Giving Birth

Well, then, how do you take care of Miss V after giving birth? Check out the explanation below, come on!

  1. Keep Miss V Clean and Dry

how to take care of Miss V after giving birth

The main care step for Miss V is to keep Miss V clean and dry at all times. Throughout the puerperium, you need to change the bandage regularly to avoid the risk of postpartum Miss V infection. You can also use warm water to clean your private area after defecation which can help relieve pain due to swelling. Then dry the Miss V area with a dry tissue.

  1. Use a Maternity Bandage

how to take care of Miss V after giving birth

The puerperium usually lasts quite a long time and the quantity of blood is quite large, especially after a normal delivery. Therefore, you need to use bandages during childbirth and avoid the use of tampons. In addition, change bandages regularly for Miss V’s hygiene.

  1. Perform Basic Pelvic Exercises and Kegel Exercises

how to take care of Miss V after giving birth

You can also restore your Miss V’s condition after giving birth by doing light exercise, such as basic pelvic exercises and kegel exercises. Even so, it’s a good idea to consult a doctor first to make sure your condition is safe to exercise, yes!

Pelvic exercises are beneficial to speed up blood flow to the Miss V area, speed up the healing process, and prevent Miss V infection after childbirth. Another sport that you can try is kegel gymnastics which also aims to tighten the pelvic floor muscles. 

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  1. Drink lots of white water

how to take care of Miss V after giving birth

One of the problems experienced by mothers giving birth is the dry Miss V which can cause discomfort during sexual intercourse. To overcome this, you can be enough and increase the consumption of white water to help reduce the level of dryness in Miss V.

  1. Consumption of High Fiber Foods

how to take care of Miss V after giving birth

A congested digestive tract and the cause of constipation can also make Miss V’s condition more uncomfortable, especially in the stitches. Therefore, you also need to maintain a daily food intake and prioritize healthy foods rich in fiber so that digestion is smooth and you do not have difficulty when defecating. That way, the stitches on Miss V won’t be damaged and won’t be too painful.

  1. Get Medical Treatment

how to take care of Miss V after giving birth

If you feel anything is abnormal in Miss Vmu’s stitches-swelling, severe pain, or smelly mucus coming out-immediately contact a doctor for medical treatment as these signs may be a signal of an infection in Miss V’s stitches that requires attention and action. medical as soon as possible.

Signs of infection on Miss V’s stitches after childbirth are very important in Miss V’s clean and healthy care. Therefore, you can get the medical treatment needed to avoid the risk of infection or other further health problems.